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"Artemus Black is a private detective (call him Black, only his mother would be brave enough to call him Artemus) who gets into some amusing scrapes. His business is hardly surviving, he has the receptionist from hell (who he couldn't do without), he's in poor shape, smokes, has appalling fashion sense and really doesn't understand women. Apart from that he is a pretty good PI with a heart of gold, which is one reason why he is unsuccessful."

Suncoast Book Reviews

"... is action from cover to cover. It literally never stops. There might be something you could call a momentary hiatus from pure mayhem around the 45% mark, but it’s sort of a lull to get you breathing again. I might be calling it a lull because it has some romantic stuff in it, which, being a cynical old bastard like I am, I tend to skim through, but hey, that can’t be held against the book, and the last 20% or so is totally breathless. So, romance is romance. I am just impatient and want to see thugs, criminals and cartel guys get their eyes gouged out or their heads blown off."

Daulton Books

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