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''Ninety percent of what I have achieved through Dirk Pitt and his pals I owe to Peter Lampack.', Clive Cussler  (CLIVE CUSSLER and DIRK PITT REVEALED, pg. 63).

The New York Times Bestseller

“Cussler and action-adventure fans will love this latest Oregon Files novel. New characters to the team are most welcome, and the sheer insanity of the story line will keep readers guessing about what’s going on until the last page of the book. Chapter one has the pacing of the climax of other thriller novels, and the pace from that fast start does not let up until the end.”



“Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin (NUMA Files), Sam and Remi Fargo, and Isaac Bell all have major star power and shine in their respective franchises. Here, the best character might honestly be the Oregon, which Cussler has given as much soul and personality as one could possibly give to a ship."

The Real Book Spy

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